About us


Charles Gillams and Peter Levoir have been collaborating in business for over 2o years.

Key details – Charles Gillams

  • Involved for some thirty years in finance, compliance, operations and investment with transactions undertaken on three continents, although a UK bias more recently. Transactions sub £100m with an average around £10m.
  • Especial strengths in valuation, forecasting, cash flow management but have successfully filled all roles from Chairman, Non-Executive, Chief Executive, Finance Director to Internal and External Audit.
  • Building up and then gaining the confidence and loyalty of an executive team proved to be a particular strength.
  • A good understanding of Government processes and Governance. Recently appointed to Perry Beeches Academy, Birmingham as a part of the Non-Executive team correcting problems of Governance.

Charles Gillams and Peter Levoir’s interests are different – Charles raises cash for exchange for shares in the company, typically, and Peter is better connected to those who lend money to businesses, having been a banker himself.

Whatever your financial needs, this is a team which can address them.

But we do more than that – we both have change management experience, not to mention experience of having chaired companies and public sector committees, so when we say we take a broader view, we really do mean it.

See Peter’s more detailed resume on his mini site here